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JCR 1000 Single 3D Printer

The JCR 1000 Dual 3D Printer was created and developed to meet the demands of the industry in terms of printing volume, precision, reliability, and variety of materials. With a double extruder of 1.75 mm and closed, heated environment, it ensures reliable printing for industries and professionals of all kinds. The JCR 1000 Dual 3D Printer automatically corrects errors in the STL file and verifies the print configuration, reducing time and production costs. 


- Service reminders prompt you to carry out the recommended maintenance of the printer depending on the hours of printing and elapsed time

- Enclosed and heated environment with controlled temperature

- Ability to print with two materials in the same piece

- Manufactures pieces in a large variety of thermoplastic materials with different properties 

- Construction volumes from 580 mm to 1000 mm in length

Dimensions 1500 x 1210 x 1730 mm
Build Volume 600 x 1000 x 600 mm
Automatic Levelling of the Bed Yes
Extruder Temperature 245ºC max
Hotbed Temperature 100ºC max
Independent or Coupled Movement Coupled
Printing with Multiple Material Printing with double material with a single head
Coil Capacity 8 kg
Number of Coil 2

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JCR 1000 Single 3D Printer

  • Manufacturer: JCR
  • Product Code:JCR 1000 Single 3D Printer
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