Kora Formula 3D 500ml Refill

The Kora Formula 3D 500ml Refill has been specifically formulated to allow secure fixing of the first layer of a 3D print to the 3D printers build plate - heated or non heated - during the 3D printing process. The Kora Formula 3D 500ml Refill is formulated from a combination of specialist Polymers and is designed to hold the 3D print firmly during the printing process, but easily allowing the detachment of the print from the build plate once print completion. The Kora Formula 3D 500ml Refill is a safe to use, non-flammable, non-CFC aerosol water based product with specifically formulated multi-polymer mix to hold the first layer of the 3D print firmly to the print bed. The 3D print can be made of glass, plastic, self-adhesive sheet, acrylic, ceramic, aluminium, painters tape, Kapton tape, PEI, and most other surfaces used for 3D printer build plate surfaces.

Due to Kora Formula 3D 500ml Refill being primarily water based, it is safe to transport without the need to show the 'flammable' warning sign. There is a small amount of denatured alcohol in Kora Formula 3D 100ml to accelerate its drying time when applied to a 'non-heated' plate - but not sufficient enough to make the product classified as flammable. 

Kora Formula 3D 500ml Refill Option

To avoid worldwide production of unnecessary plastic bottles, Kora Formula 3D offers an industry unique economical and ECO friendly top-up service. This refill option will allow the originally 100ml supplied foam top dispenser bottle to be easily re-used and topped up multiple times, simply by unscrewing the top of the original foam top dispenser bottle - saving money and multiple plastic bottle disposal.


Simply shake the bottle a couple of times, pull (don't twist) off the protective top cap, press the foam applicator down 2 or 3 times on the build plate and spread the Kora Formula 3D 100ml evenly in a thin layer across the area to be printed on using a crisscross spreading motion. Allow to dry if using with a non-heated build plate or continue to head up the build plate to accelerate the Kora Formula 3D 100ml drying time. Avoid applying it whilst the build plate it hot - the formula will dry too quickly on the foam applicator pad. 

It is best practice to always re-apply the Kora Formula 3D 100ml to any areas of the build plate that have had previous 3D prints removed from that area.

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Kora Formula 3D 500ml Refill

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