Kora Safety Cabinet Cleaner 500ml Refill

The Kora Safety Cabinet Cleaner 500ml refill is a specialist anti-static cleaner to prevent static build-up and effectively remove and repel dust and small particles. Once treated, the surface will be discouraged from statically attracting further dust or small particles to a surface. The Kora Safety Cabinet Cleaner 500ml refill is suitable for use on most surfaces found in the contraction of 3D printers and safety cabinets.  Test on a small unseen area before liberal use. Environmentally friendly, safe, lemon scented formula. 

DO NOT USE on live electrical equipment and avoid spraying on open electrical equipment e.g exposed print circuit boards, wiring etc.

Not considered harmful in normal use following guidelines: avoid eye contact - if this occurs wash with clean water and remove contact lenses if worn and safe to do so.

Do not swallow - if this occurs drink plenty of clean water. Skin contact should be kept to a minimum. Wash skin after any contact with soap and water. If any symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

Directions for use

Remove dust cap from bottle and using the built-in pump dispenser apply liberally to the surface to be cleaned and anti-statically treated against dust and particles. Wipe over with a cloth or soft paper towel. Allow to dry and polish surface with a clean cloth if required. For consistent results, re-apply frequently especially where dust or particles may build-up due to static charge.

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Kora Safety Cabinet Cleaner 500ml Refill

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