• Photocentric Liquid Crystal HR2

Photocentric Liquid Crystal HR2

The Photocentric Liquid Crystal HR2 has an improved drive unit, auto homing, flex plate, and new Photocentric Studio. The upgraded, maintenance-free drive unit enables increased accuracy and increased reliability to print both small detailed prints and larger, solid parts.  


- The Photocentric Liquid Crystal HR2 features a high-resolution 9.7 LCD panel" display panel which offers a 2K resolution with an XY pixel size of 97 microns

- Solid and strong drive unit

- Files can be sent over via Wifi from your desktop or insert them directly into the printer via a USB. The 5.5" touchscreen allows fast control of the printer 

- The build platform is factory homed and fitted with a flex plate to ensure easy print removal. There is no need to home the build platform before every print as there is a fitted shroud which allows drain-off of resin back into the vat

- The new disposable vat system eliminates the need for reskinning and improves the peel off of the print

- The Photocentric Liquid Crystal HR2 comes with the Photocentric Studio software, a complete solution for all users from professionals to first-time users

Dimensions 380 x 350 x 590 mm
Weight 15 kg
Build Volume 196 x 147 x 250 mm
Layer Thickness 50, 100 microns
Connectivity USB, Wireless, Ethernet
Printer Control Interactive 7" touch screen
Compatible Resins Photocentric Daylight Resins
Resin Fill System Manual
Software Built-in PrintFlow Printer Controller
Cure Speed at 100micron 25-55 secs/layer (depending on resin)

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Photocentric Liquid Crystal HR2

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