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Abergower Sign Strategic Deal with Kora Ltd

Abergower Sign Strategic Deal with Kora Ltd
11 April 2019

Gloucestershire University uses 3D Printing to Drive Innovation in the Local Business Community

GRIP is for SMEs from Gloucestershire and provides support to local businesses that consider innovation is the key to growth. The project provides access to research and knowledge resources, an innovation lab (housing a 3D printer for rapid prototyping), supply chain engagement workshops, clustering and networking, innovation teams, p​roduct/service development, commercialisation and bid management. Read More...
10 August 2018

City of Glasgow College Department of Creative Industries have a Grand Design on Success

Its in the area of product design that there is a real need for 3D printing this new technology allows them to make objects quickly, easily and with a fraction of the cost of commissioning model building work. Read More...
17 July 2018

Glasgow School Of Art

Glasgow School Of Art have recently invested in the purchase of 2 new Photocentric Liquid Precision Pro systems to dramatically increase the ability of the school to deliver world class product design and creative development. Read More...
17 July 2018
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