About Us

Abergower 3D offers professional and impartial advice for the most demanding of 3D printing and scanning requirements. We have our roots and history in over 20 years experience in delivering digital services to the most prestigious organisations around the world. We see our transition into the 3D market space as a logical development of our evolution as a service company working with our clients to develop new products and services.

We are strategically aligned to a number of market leading vendors and we are capable of sourcing specific products dependent upon our customer’s needs and requirements.

Major suppliers that we supply include, Raise 3D, Stratsys, EnvisionTec, Ultimaker, Makerbot, Leica, Zmorph, Geetech, HP,

We can also supply a range of supporting systems, software and packages that compliment and enhance all the of systems that we supply

We would be happy to provide our help and advice in this context

Makerbot 3D Printer
Geeetech 3D Printer