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Abergower Digital are a leading supplier of “World Class” Dental 3D printing systems supplying the most advanced systems and processes to Dental Laboratories and Dental Practitioners throughout the UK and beyond.

Help and Advice

Before you buy any system it always worth checking the requirement with the most appropriate option there is in the market to service the requirement.

Abergower are in touch with our suppliers each day and gather information constantly about new products and enhancements to existing products. We are able to match our customer’s requirements with the most up to date relevant systems and specifications.

Project Management

The basis of any major purchase is to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly and to plan. This means the system is properly specified and agreed, the delivery takes place on the right day and at a mutually convenient time, all supporting services are co-ordinated with the delivery and everything is in place for trouble free installation

Site Survey

For large 3D printing systems from leading suppliers such as Stratasys and EnvisionTec we work with the customer and supplier to make sure every element of the service and delivery aspect of a new system is carefully coordinated and managed to ensure a smooth and professional installation is achieved. This includes a pre-delivery check of the location of where the system is to be installed details of any specific requirements are noted for both parties well in advance of the actual delivery.

Installation and Implementation

Abergower can provide and supply a fully service in this area, with the inclusion of the manufacturer in the context of larger scale systems or individually for smaller desk top system where the features of the system can be enabled to allow the users to get started quickly.


This can be in conjunction with the supplier for larger scale systems for the smaller scale Abergower can provide the services of one of our skilled engineers to ensure that the end user get maximum training to allow them to use the system with all its features from the day of training forward.

Maintenance and Support

A host of packages are available to allow the user to specify what they require with regard to ongoing maintenance and support. We will work with the client to ensure that this is fully in line with the expectation and requirements of the user.

Consumables and Spares

A comprehensive range and consumable items and options are available for every 3D printer and scanner that we supply. We would be delighted to provide a listing of all options that are available.

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