Gloucestershire University uses 3D Printing to Drive Innovation in the Local Business Community

Gloucestershire University uses 3D Printing to Drive Innovation in the Local Business Community

Case Study Research and Innovation Project (GRIP) University of Gloucestershire​

GRIP is for SMEs from Gloucestershire and provides support to local businesses that consider innovation is the key to growth. The project provides access to research and knowledge resources, an innovation lab (housing a 3D printer for rapid prototyping), supply chain engagement workshops, clustering and networking, innovation teams, p​roduct/service development, commercialisation and bid management.

Abergower 3D were approached by the team to provide a 3D platform to offer their users the ideal system to learn more about the considerable benefits of 3D printing and to short circuit the development time, cost and effort that usually goes into the launch of new products and services to the marketplace.

After a comprehensive review of the market it was decided that they would purchase a new Stratasys F150 system to base all their 3D developments upon and use this system as cornerstone of the new GRIP facility within the University.

They approached Abergower with the relevant procurement criteria and a suitable 3D package was put forward that would meet all requirements. This was accepted, and we engaged with Stratasys to procure the correct package that provided the system, the configuration and installation and all initial training, with the overall system project managed by Abergower 3D  

At the launch of the new innovation centre the at the end of 2017, Abergower 3D were invited to attend to provide details of the system to outline the considerable benefits to the local community and specifically manufacturing businesses that could use the system to develop new products in a highly effective way.

The launch was a huge success and provided a catalyst to engage with businesses that ultimately have derived a huge amount of value from the centre and has allowed them to fast track their development cycle and compete in new and emerging markets in ways that they hadn’t considered available.

The relationship with GRIP and Abergower was further strengthened with Abergower winning a competitive tender to supply all 3D printing consumables and a subsequent package of 3D scanning systems and training.