Abergower Dental Systems

DENTAL Abergower Digital are a leading supplier of “World Class” Dental 3D printing systems supplying the most advanced systems and processes to Dental Laboratories and Dental Practitioners throughout the UK and beyond.

Our professional approach combined with the unparalleled leading-edge technology will ensure your investment will make a dramatic improvement in the delivery of superior customer service and financial return.

What our customers say

We feel that students really connect with their work when they can see very quickly see how things look and feel in the real world, the use of 3D printers we recently procured from Abergower, plays a very important role in the output of developed final solutions. In this respect it has now become such an essential element at our end of year show where the students produce such beautiful finished work

We bought several of the Makerbot printers last year, they were delivered and installed free of charge! Great service

Scanned models for me,would highly recommend. Fantastic customer service.